About Us

Welcome to my store! My name is Richard and I'm the owner of CRG Games. I've been a longtime player and collector in the Magic space. From the early days of buying packs at Wal-Mart and cracking them with friends at home, I developed a passion for the game. 

In 2012 I started playing and some of the first sets I enjoyed were from the Gatecrash block. Not too long after I sold my collection and took a break but was quickly back to playing. That process happened once more and I can now say I'm back in for good!

In October of 2021 I started selling cards on TCGPlayer with just a box of bulk rares and grew that to what it is today. Nowadays I focus on where I began - individual packs. Throughout my time playing, cracking packs has always been a way to have fun and potentially get good hits while growing my collection. They are the best way to get into Magic and I want to share that passion with everyone.

So grab yourself a pack or two and lets get cracking!